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March 15, 2019
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I have many patients who have put great effort into maintaining or recovering their ideal body weight, only to find that they are disappointed with the way their bodies retain stubborn reminders of weight gain or the aging process. It’s a common problem because, while we can selectively tone muscles through targeted exercise, we have no say about how our bodies handle stores of fat. This is a process of genetics, body type, gender, and age.

In the past, surgical removal of fat was one of the few interventions that could adjust your body’s shape, and if you were after a simple fine-tuning of your profile, this may have been too extreme for you. New technologies have opened up treatments that are ideal for putting the finishing touches on the body shape that you want.

I am proud to offer SculpSure® laser and truSculpt® 3D radiofrequency (RF) treatments through Advanced Rejuvenation Centers. Although each device uses its own fundamental technology, both selectively remove stores of fat from affected parts of your body.

Treatment Zones

Though each patient is different, most of our bodies seem to share spots of stubborn fat retention. Most commonly, these are around the midsection of the abdomen – the belly and love handles. Hips, back, buttocks, and thighs are often resistant to fat loss too, perhaps each on its own or in combination with others. Even the area below the chin can be a trouble spot, often creating an older look in people who have no other fat retention issues.

The problem with these fat stores is that they’re located well under the skin. Called adipose tissue, the need for cells that store energy in the form of fat came from an earlier time in human development, when food sources were fewer and far between. When there is plenty of food available, the body stores extra calories in the form of fat as protection against periods of famine.

Since adipose tissue isn’t aware there’s a grocery store just down the street, we need to have a way to remove these extra cells and, ideally, without cutting the skin.

Through the Skin

Both SculpSure and truSculpt can work their magic transcutaneously – through your skin. Although SculpSure uses laser light energy and truSculpt uses RF energy, each device works similarly and creates the same conditions, which leads to disrupted adipose tissue that the body removes and does not replace.

The secret is in the selective warming of adipose tissue, where your excess fat stores reside. In both cases, the transmitted energy is largely ignored by your outer skin. Instead, both the light and radio energy pass through and are absorbed by the adipose layer. As energy gets absorbed, heat is created, and the adipose layer warms to a temperature called the coagulation point.

Once at this temperature, your body naturally senses that this tissue is damaged, and it starts a process of disposal. Cells slowly break down and leave the body through the lymphatic system. It’s a gentle process, so the results take time to develop. Many people require several sessions to reach their personal body sculpting targets, though nearly everyone sees improvements in a matter of weeks.

Since your body doesn’t need to store more excess calories, the lost adipose tissue is gone permanently. This is a great motivator for you to continue your weight maintenance targets, and you can be proud of the body you can truly call your own.

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