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Gravity has made your face droop in places it shouldn’t, but you’re not sure how to lift it back up without surgery. At Advanced Rejuvenation Centers, you can get threads to enhance your youthful features. The dissolvable sutures pull up what gravity has dragged down in under 20 minutes. If you’re looking for an expert aesthetic specialist in Westchester County in Purchase, New York to improve your features, make a call or book a consultation online to see Dr. Saimovici and his highly trained and certified technicians.

What are threads?

Threads are dissolvable sutures that cosmetic doctors use to perform non-surgical facelifts. During the procedure, your doctor at Advanced Rejuvenation Centers threads a needle underneath the skin, lifting the targeted area with the threads.

This procedure triggers a healing response around the thread as it holds the skin in place. The healing response around the suture naturally boosts collagen production, which subsequently tightens and lifts the skin.

What happens during a threading procedure?

During the in-office treatment, your doctor applies local anesthetic if needed to make the procedure painless. After the anesthetics kick in, he or she will insert a pre-threaded needle, such as NovaThreads, below the skin and then pull it back out.

The resorbable thread stays under the skin, tightening it and holding it in place. Once the thread is in place, you can leave the office and go right back to your daily activities.

What are the benefits of threads?

Aside from requiring no downtime, threads have many benefits over facelifts and other more complex procedures. First, the treatment is less invasive and risky than a facelift. It uses a single needle and requires no incision, so it carries minimal risk.

You’re also awake during the procedure, and some people don’t even need anesthetics. Because you’re awake, you can view your results in real-time and provide feedback as you go. You get to see immediate effects as the threads hold your skin in place.

After the procedure, you won’t have to worry about scarring either. The threads are designed to dissolve, leaving behind no scar tissue.

With fillers, you can fill or plump wrinkles, but you can’t get a lifting effect. So threads come in and undo some of the damage that gravity has done to your face, especially in the neck and jaw.

Although the face is a popular place to get threads, you can also get them in other areas of the body like the knees, butt, and decolletage. They provide a lift that looks natural.

If you’d like to investigate threads further with a consultation, call or book an appointment online at Advanced Rejuvenation Centers.

*individual results may vary

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