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If you have an important event coming up or you just want to pamper yourself, a facial and professional makeup application could make all the difference in the world. The estheticians at Advanced Rejuvenation Centers make sure you look your absolute best with personalized treatments and makeup artistry. To schedule your professional face treatments with Dr. Saimovici and his highly trained and certified technicians, call the Purchase, New York office or book an appointment online.

What is a facial?

A facial is a special series of treatments for your face applied by a licensed esthetician. Each facial is customized to your skin type and your goals for treatment.

During a facial, you relax as your esthetician gently applies various products and massages your face. Most facials are designed to:

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Cleanse pores
  • Treat skin concerns
  • Pamper you

When is the best time to get a facial or makeup treatment?

Any time is a great time to treat yourself to a facial or custom makeup application. You can get a facial about once a month for ongoing benefits.

Advanced Rejuvenation Centers provides a lot of facials for big events like:

  • Weddings
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Speaking events
  • Retreats
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Reunions
  • Anniversaries

What are the benefits of clinical facials and makeup application?

A licensed esthetician brings a background of training and expertise to their facials and makeup application. Their depth of knowledge helps them customize their treatments and gives them access to the most effective products.

A licensed esthetician can also teach you new, effective makeup techniques to try at home. You’ll learn new tricks to bring out your best features.

If you’ve been using the same products every day for years, you’ll get a new perspective by having someone else apply your makeup. The experience may open you up to new colors and techniques you hadn’t considered.

Spa services like facials offer many relaxation benefits. The pleasant scents, soothing massage, and calm environment induce a state of relaxation to support your overall wellness.

Facials also renew your skin. By tailoring the treatment to your unique skin type, your esthetician concentrates on leaving you with a youthful glow.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

To ensure you get the full time allotted to you, head to your appointment a few minutes early to register, pay, and fill out paperwork.

Take along a list of questions you have for the esthetician. Remember, she can make personalized recommendations for you, so if you have a concern, let her know.

Some people remove their makeup before their appointment, but your esthetician can remove makeup for you. Your clinician may ask about any products you currently use, so it may be helpful to make a list of products you use daily.

If you’d like to schedule a facial or makeup application for a special day, call or book an appointment online at Advanced Rejuvenation Centers.

*individual results may vary