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Help Reduce Body Fat

…with this alternative to CoolSculpting®!

In Time For Summer!

  • 1. truSculpt® iD provides an innovative alternative to CoolSculpting®
  • 2. This unique fat-reduction treatment uses electromagnetic energy to heat targeted fat cells
  • 3. In the weeks following treatment, these cells are eliminated naturally from the body
  • 4. Faster and less expensive than CoolSculpting®
  • 5. FDA-approved and Doctor administered, it is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment


Reduction in belly fat 12 weeks after one treatment

Say “goodbye” to belly bloat 12 weeks after just one treatment

Just in time for summer and sleeveless tops — 10 weeks after one treatment!


Dr. Liviu Saimovici is a Board-Certified Surgeon and the Medical Director of Advanced Rejuvenation Centers in Purchase, New York. Dr. Saimovici performs all body sculpting procedures himself, while supervising an entire staff of medical professionals on-site.

Advanced Rejuvenation Centers is the only Center of Excellence in Westchester County, as designated by Cutera.

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