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Hair restoration treatments from the Advanced Rejuvenation Center help men and women suffering from hair loss or hair thinning. The modern treatment restores confidence with a thick, full head of hair. Our non-invasive hair loss solution combines advanced technologies to naturally rejuvenate the scalp without surgery, needles, pain, or downtime. This revolutionary hair loss solution includes the popular no-needle dermal infusion hair restoration treatment or otherwise known as the advanced Jet Peel transdermal infusion system. This safe and effective hair treatment stimulates natural hair growth and increases hair density, hair count, and hair thickness.

If you suffer from hair loss or hair thinning, the Advanced Rejuvenation Center can help. Learn about your options by scheduling a complimentary consultation. Call the center at (914) 600-3479 or reach out online.


  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Increase hair count
  • Improve hair density + thickness
  • No surgery or transplants
  • No needles
  • Little to no downtime
  • Natural-looking results
  • FDA cleared + Scientifically proven
  • Ideal for men and women


These images depict actual patients. They display real hair restoration before and after results. As with any cosmetic procedure, individual results and experiences may vary. * However, the outcomes in these hair loss before and after images demonstrate what is possible when using dermal infusion hair restoration with the Jet Peel system.

hair restoration
hair restoration
hair restoration
hair restoration
hair restoration

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How Does Hair Restoration Work?

Dermal infusion hair restoration using the Jet Peel system combines two advanced technologies into one procedure. The Jet Peel Transdermal Infusion system is a multiple modality device that nourishes the skin and stimulates natural rejuvenation. The Jet Peel system uses advanced supersonic technology to propel dual jet streams of 100% Oxygen and saline. The stream exfoliates the skin, washing dead skin cells from and other debris from the surface of the scalp. Acting as a power washer for the skin, the Jetstream cleanses hard to reach areas, such as the debris that settles in epidermal cracks, inside pores, depressions in hair follicles, and the space between skin cells. This deep clean and exfoliation stimulates the body’s natural rejuvenation process and prepares the scalp for infusion.

Once the scalp is clean, the JetPeel dual jet stream infuses the scalp with nourishing serums that promote hair regrowth and fortify existing strands, so the hair looks thicker and denser. The Jet Peel performs transdermal infusion through Hydroporation. In simpler terms, the JetPeel applicator opens microchannels within the skin to infuse the deep layers of the dermis with hair rejuvenating serums. 2

Does Hair Restoration With The Jetpeel Hurt?

Other hair loss treatments, such as hair transplants or those that use injecting methods are painful and require significant downtime. In comparison, the Jet Peel no-needles transdermal infusion system is virtually painless. Instead, patients report the hair growth treatment is cooling and soothing. Furthermore, no downtime is needed, and patients may return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.


The Advanced Rejuvenation Center is a leading hair restoration clinic that specializes in non-surgical solutions for hair loss and hair thinning. Patients are treated with the latest advancements in cosmetic medicine, performed by board-certified physician Liviu B. Saimovici, MD.

Get a Personalized Hair Regrowth Consultation with Dr. Saimovici

At Advanced Rejuvenation Centers, we’d like you to be confident and comfortable with your decision to pursue hair-regrowth treatment. At your consultation, Dr. Saimovici will thoroughly review your medical history, discuss the modalities for hair restoration, and offer a recommended treatment plan. He understands that hair treatment is a big decision, and he will patiently answer your questions.

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Accessibly located in Purchase, NY, Advanced Rejuvenation Centers is pleased to serve the nearby communities of Rye, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Rye Brook, Mamaroneck, Stamford, CT, Greenwich CT, and White Plains.


Reclaim the confident, youthful appearance that comes with a healthy, full head of hair.

Learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation with the Advanced Rejuvenation Center. Call (914) 600-3479 or fill out the form below to contact the center online.

call (914) 600-3479 or fill out the form below

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