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Are you trying to have a sleeker, shapelier figure, but you can’t get rid of stubborn areas of fat? Have diet and exercise proved futile to slim down certain areas of your body? Liviu B. Saimovici, MD of Advanced Rejuvenation Centers in Purchase, New York, now offers truSculptⓇ iD, the latest body sculpting treatment available today. This powerful, non-invasive fat-reduction treatment can remove those annoying fatty areas in just one short session. Call or book an appointment online today and get back in your skinny jeans, tank top, or bathing suit.

What is truSculpt iD?

The truSculpt iD is the newest technology available in the body sculpting field. It works similarly to other body sculpting treatments available at Advanced Rejuvenation Centers such as SculpSureⓇ and truSculptⓇ 3D, using low-frequency radio wave technology to melt away fat below the skin’s surface. It’s a painless, noninvasive procedure requiring no incision, anesthesia, or recovery time afterward.

The truSculpt iD technology targets the fat layer between the skin and the muscle, and it’s able to penetrate a variety of fat densities and all skin types. Special sensors continuously monitor your skin temperature so you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

The targeted fat cells are destroyed and flushed out naturally via your body’s drainage system over the following weeks. You’ll likely be seeing results for up to 12 weeks following the procedure.

truSculpt iD Before and After*

What are the advantages of using truSculpt iD?

The truSculpt iD has several significant improvements over other available technologies. The session takes just 15 minutes — much quicker than other fat-reducing procedures, which can take 30-60 minutes. In addition, nearly all patients require only one truSculpt iD session to reach their body contouring goals, whereas most other treatments require multiple visits.

Unlike other technologies that can treat only one small area, truSculpt iD can also work on multiple parts of the body, or cover a vastly greater surface area, such as the entire abdomen, in one session. This saves time and money since one session can address many areas.

The biggest advantage of truSculpt iD, however, is the amount of fat reduction. This powerful new procedure reduces fat by about 24% in the targeted area. This is a significant increase over other body sculpting tools on the market.

What areas can truSculpt iD work on?

The truSculpt iD treatment can address body fat in the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Bra overhang
  • Chin
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Calves

TruSculpt iD Journey